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All about my passion for discovering who I am and from where I've come!


I have a nearly insatiable desire to know things.  I like knowing things.  I’m not happy when chunks of information are missing.  This is especially true when it comes to my ancestry.  For the past 35 plus years, I’ve been digging around in dead people’s business.  That’s right, people.  I live in the past lane!  This little blog of mine is all about uncovering the trail of my ancestors and wandering down their path.

As for me, nothing special here.  I’m just a country girl that moved to the city.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,
    My name is Robert Spencer and I have been reading and re-reading Henry Clay Bruce’s book for a few years now, as he is family to me as well although the details are not completely clear to me. The family reunion (Spencer,Bruce,Johns, to give a few of the surnames that I do know) in Farmville, VA at Grandma Mary Croner’s has been going on for longer than I have been alive and though she did not write a book she managed to make a powerful impression on the family. Grandma passed on when I was too young to understand but I remember the dignity, grace and pluck of this woman.
    Sometimes I wonder to myself how many of the contemporaries of the ancestors were known by one another. Vernon Johns is another ancestor of mine as well and I can’t help but wonder how well he knew or knew of the Bruce’s and they of him. I wonder about all the untold anecdotal conversations, and encounters that were ‘grown folks business’ that we don’t know about that may have silently influenced events, the history of everyday living that doesn’t get told only because it appears to be mundane.

    Just a thought,… cousin 🙂

  2. Did Josephine Bruce tell Blanche’s family of his death? Did any of them come to the funeral??

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