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I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “still waters run deep” meaning a person who appears to be quiet on the outside may have a very strong and deep personality. That is a very apt description of Daddy’s baby brother, Thaddeus (affectionately known to us as “Uncle Teenie”). Uncle Teenie was indeed a very quiet and gentle man, and it wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned he was carrying some very deep things inside.

Uncle Teenie served in Germany during World War II. He was responsible for getting supplies to the front lines, and many times it was explosives that he was carrying. He drove alone in his truck but as part of a convoy and under cover of darkness, unable to use the lights on the truck he drove. He did this in five European theaters: Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, Central Europe and Rhineland. In 1944 he was a part of the “Red Ball Express”, which was a highly touted truck convoy system that supplied Allied forces needing to move quickly throughout Europe after breaking out from the beaches of Normandy. Patton’s tanks wouldn’t have been able to move without supplies from the Red Ball Express. Uncle Teenie was awarded five Bronze Stars for valor, four overseas bars and a Victory ribbon. He told of a time when a train he was on came under fire of German pilots. He and the other soldiers lay face down. The men on either side of him were killed. He recalled seeing piles of bodies as tall as houses in the woods of Germany. Fortunately, Uncle Teenie was able to return home to Dalton, Missouri. So proud of him! Rest in love, Uncle Teenie ❤


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(Google Images)


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