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I’ve been lazy.  Not really lazy, but preoccupied with so many things.  I’ve been very busy with my pursuits into genealogy, but I’ve been slacking when it comes to keeping up with my blogs about it.  It’s February aka Black History Month, and what better time to make a comeback of sorts…

This month I’m endeavoring to make a daily post on my Facebook page about one of my ancestors using the hashtag #MYblackancestry.  When February gets its turn on the calendar each year we see all the familiar facts and faces regarding Black History.  There are so many more stories that need to be told.  Each family has them.  Each family has someone who accomplished much, who made much out of very little.  The stories are there waiting to be revealed.  That is my goal for this month.

I’ve learned that my great-uncle Eugene Wilson, older brother of my maternal grandfather, John R. Wilson, served in the Spanish-American War.  He was a member of the 23rd Kansas Volunteer Infantry.  His was an African American regiment that served in Cuba from August of 1898 to March of 1899.  He was a private going in and a corporal coming out of service.  The 23rd was the only one of four Kansas units to see duty in Cuba.


Eugene Wilson 1877 ~ 1934

Eugene Wilson 1877 ~ 1934

This is the Application for Headstone as found at  Fold3.

This is the Application for Headstone as found at Fold3.

Eugene Wilson headstone

Uncle Eugene is buried at Highland Park Cemetery in Jackson County, Missouri. This image of his military headstone is found at Photo credit to Richard Parker.


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