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I’m back!

I’ve been away from blogging for a while.  Just a few things have kept me busy… My daughter, Chelsea, got married in May to the most wonderful young man.  Eric is exactly the kind of person a mother wants her daughter to marry.  He’s loving and kind, has a gentle spirit, and he’s a hugger!

floating veil

Photo by Shutterbug94549©

Chelsea was a beautiful bride!  I don’t just say that because she’s my daughter, my only child.  I say it because it’s true.  In keeping with family tradition, she wore my mother’s pearls.  She is the 6th of my mother’s nine granddaughters to wear Mama’s pearls on their wedding day.  That alone melts my heart, but this photo of her…


Photo by Shutterbug94549©


…she wore my mother’s pearls.

Eric is also an only child.  You’ve heard the stories about the only child… spoiled, selfish, insufferable.  Those things are so far removed from the truth when it comes to either of these two.  I couldn’t have chosen a better man to be my daughter’s husband.  Eric looks for ways to do things for others.  He has a pure heart.  He has been a good son, brother, nephew and cousin to his family.  They all adore him.  I adore him.


Photo by Shutterbug94549©

I couldn’t have chosen a better man to be my daughter’s husband.

pure joy

Photo by Shutterbug94549©


Photo by Shutterbug94549©

It was a day full of many joyous moments, and captured by the discerning eye and lens of Shutterbug94549 aka our cousin, Shelly Hamalian.

So now my little family of two, “me and Mommy”, as Chelsea used to chant when she was a toddler, now consists of three.  I think it’s picture perfect!

the three of us_1

And they lived happily ever after!



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At Peace

I took this photo of Daddy on August 31, 2001, just three days before he died. He woke up very early that morning and said he wanted to go outside. So all of us, in our pjs, get him ready to go outside in his wheelchair. He wanted to see, just one last time, where he’d spent so many of his days as a strong virile man, as the best husband and father he knew how to be. He asked my brother to turn his chair in a complete circle so he could see everything. We stood there in silence while he drank it in one last time. I love this photo. I don’t see the body full of cancer. I see my Daddy at peace, knowing his was a life well-lived.

Levi Swanegan August 6, 1915 ~ September 3, 2001

Levi Swanegan
August 6, 1915 ~ September 3, 2001