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Great-Grand Aunts & Great-Grand Uncle


Five BrucesThis photo is of my great-grand aunts and my great-grand uncle. They are siblings to my mother’s grandfather. Left to right they are: Martha (Mattie) Bruce (born 1863), Elizabeth Bruce (born 1854), James Arthur Bruce (born 1865), Sallie Catherine Bruce (born 1870) and Emma Bruce (born 1867). Their father, Sandy Bruce, was the oldest child (born 1823) of Polly Bruce (born 1804).
Prior to the Civil War, a child inherited the status of his/her mother. If a woman was free, her children were born free. If she was enslaved, her children were born as slaves. Mattie and Elizabeth were born into slavery. James was conceived during slavery, but because he was born in August and the Civil War ended in April–he was born “free”. Sallie and Emma were born as free people.


4 thoughts on “Great-Grand Aunts & Great-Grand Uncle

  1. Wow! Any idea what year this picture was taken?

  2. Wow!!! Elizabeth Bruce was my 2nd great grandmother. Thank you so much for showing me the picture.

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